Super Abundant Life in Christ

Many preachers, especially those of the Word of Faith/Positive Confession/Prosperity type, teach that followers of Jesus Christ will have abundance in material things. John 10:10, 3 John 1:2, Prov 13:22, Mar 10:28-30 are among the favorite verses quoted in support of such false and dangerous teachings.

These two videos expose such false doctrines. Prosperity gospel teachings appeal to the covetousness that is in the unregenerate heart with its evil desires.

Christians need to know that they must sanctify their desires and aspirations in line with Scripture. Otherwise, they will be guilty of idolatry, particularly of money and end up in perdition. Yeshua clearly warned us that no man can serve two masters: God & Mammon.

By Yirmeyah Tan

We have to choose YAHWEH-Elohim above every other god. If we choose wisely, we shall have the super-abundant life in Christ, being conformed to His image, having the peace that surpasses understanding and the abiding joy of the Holy Spirit, saving our souls in the process. Eternal life, the very life of YAHWEH Elohim, shall be ours to inherit. What a glorious prospect! Shalom.

Part I
Part II

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